Fox Rage Dropshot Mini Kit

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Fox Rage Dropshot Mini Kit

Dropshot took the UK by storm a few years back and has become one of the most successful methods for many anglers, particularly those in search of perch, including me personally.

With this ready made rig, you can simply tie the end of your main line with a loop to loop on pre tied loop and away you go, it’s that easy. 


  • 3 x #4 Dropshot Hooks
  • 3 x 12g Brass Dropshot Weights
  • Lures: 6cm Spikey Shad, 7cm Micro Fry x 2, 8cm Tiddler 
  • Three rigs & 4 Lures
  • Ready to tie to your main line
  • Top end components, including Drop’n Jig fluorocarbon line and Armapoint hooks
  • Foam disc mounted for easy storage
  • 1m Fluorocarbon leader
  • Real Fish Oil inside

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