Kanalgratis Flatnose Shad 19cm

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Kanalgratis Flatnose Shad 19cm, 50g - Qty 1

Edvin Johansson, known from "Fishing with Edvin and Philip", is a young angler and lure builder with a big passion for pike fishing. The Flatnose Shad is his first rubber lure and it's a first class pike snack - the fairly small size combined with the big paddle and wide profile creates a small-sized lure that still makes a lot of noise and vibrations in the water

The Flatnose Shad can be rigged in many different ways to suit the circumstances. However, a few we recommend are on a Shallow Screw with a Medium Stinger Tackle attached. For deeper fishing you can attach a BFT Fastach Sinker or swap the Shallow Screw For a Screwin Jig Head.


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