Flambeau HD Tuff Box - 502




Flambeau HD Tuff Box - 502

The HD TUff Box delivers heavy-duty waterproof protection for your valuables, with rock-solid construction that keeps cameras, phones, wallets and anything else you wish to keep safe, out of the elements. Constructed from rugged polycarbonate housing for maximum protection, this solid box features a clear lid with an O-ring seal, which keeps water out and contents visible.  

The inside is lined with a TPR 70 rubberized insert with Zerust infused into them, which ensures long-lasting, rust-fighting performance. For the traveling fisherman, there is a pressure release valve fitted  to handle high-altitude travel that keeps gear safe from atmospheric changes. Fitted with secure, easy-to-open latches with stainless steel hinge pins, the Flambeau HD Tuff Boxes include a quick-release lanyard with a swiveling hoof for easy attachment to your kayak, boat or bag for safe keeping and quick easy removal. Perfect for storing all those unhooking and rigging tools, keeping them rust free longer.

Dimensions: Approx 19cm L x 13cm W x 8cm H

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