Fishin Addict Lob Worm - 11.5cm

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Fishin Addict Lob Worm 11.5cm, 3g - Qty 10

A realistic Lob Worm with it's red glitter pattern is ideal for Drop Shot, Neko and Wacky Rigging. Perfect for freshwater and salwater species, including perch, pike, bass, wrasse and many more. 

Fish on a jig head or drop shot set up. Cast into fish holding spots under trees, deep holes and around plant life and retrieve slowly with small twitches.


  • Every fish loves to eats worms and grubs.  Realistic shape and wriggly movement
  • WORM GRUB soft plastic drop shot 10 pack realistic with micro glitters
  • Plump, round body make this worm move exactly like the real thing and its bright glitter body triggers the feeding frenzy.
  • Durable but soft to the bite


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