Fishin Addict Chatterbait

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Fishin Addict Chatterbait, 13g, 90mm - Qty 1

The Fishin Addict Chatterbait is a perfect little bait for pike and perch. The lure has a changeable, articulated weedless 3/0 hook which is a great feature giving you options and the lure much more movement, even when a larger trailer is added. 

Skirted chatter jig head is slow sinking. Reel in on twitching or straight retrieve. Vary the speed and add pauses occasionally.


  • Lots of movement, flash and vibration to trigger the attack of predatory fish.
  • Rubber skirt and 3D eyes for added attraction
  • Chatter bait blade for movement and splash
  • Sharp worm hook that you can add soft baits to for a weedless set up
  • Split link to change hooks




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