Fiiish Blaster Shad - 16cm

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Fiiish Blaster Shad 16cm, 48-58g - Qty 1 

The Fiiish Blaster Shad is a new soft lure dedicated to pike fishing. After 5 years of research and development, Fiiish present this combination of innovations that will allow you to adapt to many fishing conditions. Featuring the "Player Concept", which allows you to adjust the weight of the head according to the conditions, you can fish the Blaster Shad different depths and speeds, with several body options on a single head. The soft plastic body had been designed to swim at very low speeds whilst moving a lot of water, hence the name, "Blaster Shad". All parts are inter changeable with the smaller, 13cm Blaster Shad body. Made from Lead Free Material and fully recyclable packaging. 

The unique "Player Block", lead free weights are thin wedges that fit into the Player Head. Each lure comes with two types of wedges; plastic wedges (0g) and zinc wedges (3g). By varying the combinations to adjust the head weight you can fish at the desired depth and speed. The weights in the head also generate a rattle that can attract fish.  

The "Player Stinger" is specially designed for the Blaster Shad. It allows you to lock the weights in quickly changing the weight of the head. The design of the fast clip and the addition of a rolling swivel give freedom of movement to the armament, reducing the number of fish loss during combat. The exclusive hook is made in collaboration with VMC,  with an optimized design that greatly reduces the number of missed strikes.

Screw In Quick Clip is an unique accessory that screws into the lure, allowing you to clip the treble hook up whilst fishing, reducing snags and enabling the body to roll more on the retrieve. The hook will release upon a fish being hooked, reducing the chances for the fish to throw the lure and increasing the lifespan of the lure as less damage will occur in the fight. Try cutting off the bottom pointing hook point for a much more weedless lure. 

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