Fiiish Black Minnow - 12 cm




Fiiish Black Minnow 12 cm - Qty 1 Rigged Lure 1 x Spare Body

The famous Fiiish Black Minnow consists of the perfect combination of a jighead, the soft bodied lure with a deep slit belly and a super sharp Hamecon Krog Premium offset articulated hook making the lure more weedless, free moving and harder for the fish to shake the hook.. This combo makes for an innovative bait that is perfect for weedless fishing. The Black Minnow has extremely realistic appearance with the colour matched head, as well as an irresistible action created by the paddle tai, sending out a lot of vibration in the water. Also available in smaller sizes of 9cm and 7cm  in various weights.

Watch these magic lures in action below:


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