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FFS Lures Beetle Craw 6.5cm, 2.5g - Qty 1

The new BeetleCraw from our FFS Lures must be one of THE most versatile finesse creature bait lures on the market.

A 6 in 1 lure that lets you adapt to what the fish want, from a 25mm Beetle to a 65mm BeetleCraw, by breaking off segments. Use it with a Texas or Carolina Rig, on a weedless EWG hook, a standard Jig Head, a NED Style Shroom Jig, a Drop Shot rig... you name it, the possibilities are endless. The Beetle Craw is infused with a strong Crayfish Scent making it irresistible to zander, bass, pike, chub and perch in particular.

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