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FFS (Floating Finesse Stick) Lures 3 Inch, 2.5g - Qty 1

The Ned Rig exploded onto the perch fishing scene a couple of years ago with the Zman TRD and Shroomz heads, but there are now a lot of lures being produced by different companies that do a similar thing. We particularly liked the FFS as they are hand poured right here in the UK. Another thing that drew us to these great little lures was not just their smaller size, but the unique hollow that runs from the tail to about halfway down the body trapping air, making this lure very buoyant. Not only does it float as a result, but is also extremely soft, so will fold up really easily enabling the smallest of predator fish to engulf it and increase hook up rates with all sizes of perch, largemouth bass, zander etc. Why not squeeze a little Megastrike Scent into the hollow to slowly release a scent while the lure fishes. 

Perfect when rigged on the Size 1 or 1/0 Eagle Claw Pro V Finesse Jig heads, in the standard and weedless version, or on a Size 4 EWG hook as a texas and Carolina rig or add to a Chebrushka Weight. 

Note, price is for one lure only

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