Echoblade Skirted Chatter Lure - Standard

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Echoblade Skirted Chatter Lure - Standard

These superbly hand crafted vibrating 'chatter' blade bait lures are designed to cause maximum commotion and entice even the most lethargic predatory fish into striking! Made with the super sharp Laser TroKar and other superior quality materials, these lures are the most well crafted custom chatter style lures we have come across and can rival any for performance! 

Look out for the Premier version realistic hand painted head with 3D eyes and holes in the blade for more commotion. 

Superb lures for predatory fish including pike, perch, bass and many more. We also sell replacement skirts separately that will fit any spinnerbait or chatterbait lure. 

  • Serious Vibrations on the retrieve
  • Subtle jigging action on the drop
  • Custom/handmade
  • Baitkeeper 
  • 'Weedless' action


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