Eagle Claw Lazer TroKar Drop Shot Hook - TK150

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Eagle Claw Lazer TroKar Drop Shot Hook - Qty 7

The Trokar TK150 Drop Shot hook is a light wire finesse hook intended for use with the drop shot technique. The Drop Shot hook from Trokar incorporates their patented hook sharpening technology into a finesse hook that includes all of the necessary design elements to produce among the finest drop shot hooks available today. The Trokar Drop Shot hook eliminates the need for any hookset at all with the super sharp hook point. Have a look at the other Trokar dropshot hook we do, the Trokar Helix with a swivel effect, good for use with trace and avoids twisting at depth.


  • 3-Sided hook point
  • Surgically sharpened
  • Ultra-clean, cold-forged, high-carbon steel
  • Low-profile barb
  • Bolstered wire diameter

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