Dobb Daddy Spin Fly With Dragon Tail & Bauer Pike Rig - 25cm

Colour: Bleeding Perch
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Dobb Daddy Spin Fly With Dragon Tail & Bauer Pike Rig. Approx 25cm with tail stretched, 25g - Qty 1

The brilliant new Dobb Daddy is a system developed by Niklas Holmér at Fly-Dressing that makes it possible to fish pike flies with your regular spinning pike  gear. From now on you won't be out fished by your fly fishing buddies during those tough days when the pike prefer a slowly pulsating fly over any hard lure or soft plastic. The Dobb has a weight of 28 gr and enabling you to cast far but with an almost neutral buoyancy, it will suspend and pulsate more like the natural movement of a fly than any hard or soft lure, luring in those lazy pike, whilst giving them more chance to engulf your lure as the natural and artificial materials of the fly work their magic enticingly with very little movement imparted by the angler.

Check out the video below with inventor, Niklas Holmér and Niklaus Bauer, pitting Fly against Spin Fly! 

The complete lure consists of: A Bauer Fly Dressing Tube Fly rigged on a Bauer Pike Rig For Wiggle Tails, with an XL Dragon Tail attached via the Fastach Snap for Wiggle Tails. Comes complete with approx 37cm of 60lb 49 Strand Partridge Coated Wire Trace, neatly twist melted on both ends, with a handy loop to connect your leader and Bauer Shrink Tube both ends to protect the joins, finished off to the nose with a Fly Dressing Cone Head and Dobb Dubber Ball to hold it all in place. All you need to do is attach it to your favourite spinning rod, cast it and catch a big pike! The "purists" out there (Chucking 30cm flies that look like more like parrots!) may call it cheating, we call it BRILLIANT!! 

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