Decoy Zero Dan Worm 217 Jika Rig Jig

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Decoy Zero Dan Worm 217 Jika Rig Jig

The DECOY ZERO-Dan Worm 217 is a ready to fish, fully assembled Jika Rig, largely used for perch and zander fishing, but has many applications. Made from high quality individual components, the Long finesse weight and wide gap hook are attached to a swivel to guarantee maximum articulation and freedom of movement. It is great for dropping down into weedy or snaggy areas as it will fall vertical and highly reduce snagging up. 

If you want more flexibility, you could choose to make up your own Jika Rig with the following quality components: Decoy Split Ring, Decoy Offset Worm Hook and a Tungsten Jika Weight

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