Decoy Plus Sinker




Decoy Plus Sinker - Qty 15

The Decoy Plus Sinker is a similar concept to a Split Shot, but with a wider gap that can accommodate a hook shank. These weights can be easily attached to the shank of most hooks to add a little weight. Try adding it to a standard EWG Hook with a lure rigged "Texas or Carolina Style" minus the bullet weight, just to add a little keel weight to a "weightless" fished lure, such as the Keitech Sexy Impact, or add it to the shank of your Wacky Hook to give that wacky rigged worm a little bit of a quicker drop but still allowing to suspend tantalisingly for the fish to home in on. There are a number of uses and multiple weights can be used on a hook to add the weight required, as well as placing towards the front of back of the shank, on the typical Swimbait Hook to alter the fall rate and action of the lure. 

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