Decoy Decibo Violence Jigheads

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Decoy Decibo Weedless Jig heads SV-38 - Qty 5

Decoy Violence Jig heads - VJ-36 are designed to rig a soft bait 'weedless' and therefore fish in areas where you may struggle with a standard jig, effectively it fishes like a Texas rig with the weight fixed in position! The hook has a curved point that sits flush with the back of a plastic lure to maximise weedless potential whilst still ensuring excellent hook up ratios. Perfect hook for finesse jigging with tiny plastics from 1.5 to 2.5 inch or so, such as the superb Keitech Swing Impact or Easy Shiner. Take a look at the larger Decoy Decibo from Size #2 to 4/0.


  • Effective with a wide range of soft plastics
  • Super sharp point
  • Micro Barb
  • Excellent weedless presentation
  • 5 jigs per pack


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