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Molix RA Grub Curl Tail 20cm, 8" Singles - Qty 1

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"You absolutely need some of these in your lure box. Great profile, long curly tails and very light considering the size of them. A cheaper alternative to a Miuras mouse tail should you need some replacements." - John B on Mar 17, 2021

Due to it's popularity, the original RA Shad Paddle Tail now comes in this Grub Curl Tail and the Twin Tail. This large 8" model is a perfect pike and musky lure and the smaller 4", is ideal for perch, zander, bass, pike and many other predatory species. The well known hydrodynamic shape of the body ensures stability and a movement that is transmitted by tail action. The combination of a soft material, the body design and tail action produces great movement and vibrations with very little movement. A groove along the back and the belly make for quick, precise rigging, wither on an Offset Hook, 2/0 or 3/0 for a very weedless presentation, or a standard jighead in less snaggy areas for a different presentation. This is a versatile lure that lends itself well to weedless fishing on a large 8/0 Swimbait Hook, Vertical Jigging or casting on an 8/0 - 10/0 Jig Head, they are the perfect alternative on the famous Miuras Mouse as a trailer, with that big flowing tail! These lures are infused with Molix's secret scent. Check them out in action below:

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