Lifted Jigs Weedless EWG Ned Jig Head - 1/0 1/8oz

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Lifted Jigs Weedless EWG Ned Jig Head, 1/0 1/8oz - Qty 3

This awesome product is a superb innovation in the world of the Ned Rig! Utilising a super sharp, VMC WEG Offset Hook molded on a traditional "mushroom" style jig head, giving the lure the ability to stand up on the bottom tempting the most cautious fish in for a look and usually, a bite! Lifted Jigs have created a fantastic, weedless Ned Rig Jig head without the need for a weedgaurd! The new NED EWG enables the angler to cast at heavy structure and fish those notoriously snaggy areas much more confidently, resulting in more fish, as your lure spend more time in the strike zone where the fish are hiding amongst heavy cover more regularly. Spend less time getting snagged up and loosing tackle and more time hauling in those monsters perch, pike, zander, bass and about any predator species in the area!

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