Headbanger Tail Lure 23cm Sinking



Headbanger Tail Lure 23cm Sinking Qty 1

The Sinking Headbanger Tail knows how to seduce Pike and other large predators. A hybrid of hard and soft materials, the patented Headbanger Tail produces a swimming action that has to be seen to be believed!

There are no obvious repeating patterns making the Headbanger Tail lure’s movement so unpredictably natural that even the smartest of predators will be fooled. It is very responsive and vivid at slow speeds but can handle any trolling speed as well. It moves with creativity and variation that simply hasn’t been seen before.

Easily change the tail with a Replacement/Spare Tails, available in a number of colours, by removing from spit ring and attaching new tail, offering you a number of colour combinations.

The non-repetitive movement is created by the patented head, a loosely attached guide lip with a specific balance that results in constant change in the lure’s direction making it move with irregularities naturally resembling injured and stressed prey. Also trembling on an irregular basis, these lures add something truly unique to your tackle box.

Made out of ABS plastic and PVC rubber, this lure has a full wire-through-body construction and is equipped with different sized rattle balls for a fuller sound. The lure is lead-free and uses stainless steel weights.

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  • Length: 23cm
  • Weight: 58g
  • Fishing depth: 1.5-5m
  • VMC 9655 PS hooks
  • Hook size 1/0 in belly and 1# in the tail. 



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