Rozemeijer Dr. Bait


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Rozemeijer Dr. Bait - 76g

The Dr. Bait of Rozemeijer is a real pike bite.

Where do you usually find the really big pike? Right, in the grass and in water lily fields. In any case, where an angler has to have a high level of frustration because it is never easy to fish between plants. For this, many professionals use weedless baits, which allow fishing in the thicket. The Dr. Bait, can be whipped through the grass without difficulty. 

At 76 g this bait is a real heavyweight, so you can throw the bait extremely far and quickly bring it to the desired depth, it is also ideal as a trolling lure. The metal blade creates a lot of vibrations underwater and reflects beautifully, which attracts the predators from afar. 

  • Spinnerbait with a twister
  • Bait weight: 76 g
  • Metalblade creates a lot of pressure and reflections
  • Target fish: pike, perch and black bass

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