Caledonia Comet Tube Pike Fly



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Caledonia Comet Tube Pike Fly Qty 1 Approx 22cm

The Caledonia Fly Company Comet Pike Tubes bring to the predator angler an ease of use not seen before with large pike flies. No hook included.

  • They offer a large 360 degree baitfish profile target meaning large predators can't fail to see the fly.
  • The customised dressings use only the lightest materials and are designed to maximise movement.
  • They are neutrally buoyant and hang enticingly in the water whilst the dressings continue to shimmer - the strikes from pike can be brutal!
  • Used in conjunction with a large single hook, the Comet Pike Tubes offer unparalleled hooking potential and perfect presentation without the extra weight and casting difficulty normally associated with large pike flies.
  • They can be fished using a variety of different retrieves, from being inched along the bottom of a deep trout reservoir to be stripped back roly-poly style across the surface, the neutral buoyancy of the fly means it fishes at the depth of the tip of the fly line giving the angler perfect control.
  • The success of the Comet Tubes is already proven, with fish to over 30lb having been caught from a variety of different water types, and they continue to fool the wariest big pike.
  • The Bauer Pike rig provides the prefect hook and stinger combination.
  • Try adding a wiggle tail to the stinger hook for added attraction.

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