Bite Of Bleak Tungsten Blade Jig

Bite Of Bleak


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Bite Of Bleak Tungsten Blade Jig 

This awesome tungsten chatterbait from Bite Of Bleak provides a high chattering sound from the blade and split ring that strikes the harder surface of tungsten to help attract fish from greater distances, and its increased hardness also translates into increased sensitivity, when transmitting through the line whilst bouncing on the bottom. Realistic 3D eyes provide an increased attraction.

With a custom cast head made from 97% tungsten, it makes the head much smaller and denser than a head of the same weight in lead. This enables the angler to use lighter weight to achieve the same running depth and reduces snagging with the streamline shape. 

A bladed jig can fish through vegetation or in the open water. Famous for many years in the American bass scene, these style lures have really exploded within the European market in recent years and it is easy to see why, as they are just as deadly fore perch, pike, zander etc as they are for smallmouth and largemouth bass.


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