Big McRubber "The Wire" Pre Rigged - 25cm

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Big McRubber "The Wire" Pre Rigged - 25cm, 168g - Qty 1 

The classic Big McRubber from Svartzonker has caught a lot of trophy pike and musky over the years, so Svartzonker decided to bring out a rigged and ready version in "The Wire". Just tie on, cast and catch monster fish!

"The Wire" is slightly longer than the original Big McRubber and has a larger paddle for more irregular movement. With a built in weighing system, the lure is perfectly balanced ad will swim differently to a standard McRubber, rigged on a Screw In HeadOffset Hook or Shallow Screw. 

You can work it with quick twitches and spin stops, or just with a straight retrieve to achieve irresistible belly roll and vibration.

"The Wire" is also a good bait for trolling or offshore fishing for larger species like cod, striped bass and tarpon amongst other predator species. 


  • Made of phthalate-free plastisol
  • 1.3 mm / 0.05 inch strong stainless steel wire.
  • Stainless steel screw insert for super strong internal weight stability.
  • Black nickel hooks 4/0.
  • Strong spring rings in stainless steel
  • Perfect belly roll
  • Trophy fish approved


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