BFT Shallow Stinger Rig

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BFT Shallow Stinger Rig

This ready-to-use stinger from Big Fish Tackle works as a replacement for your custom built tackle or rigs. Easy to use and very durable. This particular product is made from 7 strand coated stainless steel and has a very long lifetime, highly suitable not only for fresh water, but also  for those who fish in salt or brackish water or those who are heavy on their gear! 

Large -  Use with lures approx 23-27cm, such as Pig Shad, Big Mcrubber and 27cm Shad Teez

Small - Use with lures approx 18-22cm, such as  Pig Shad Jr, Wingman and Mcrubber Jr

Single - Use with lures approx 12-18cm, such as Pig Shad Jr 15cm, Pike Strike Jr and Mcrubber Jr

Add a bit of weight with the BFT Screwin Head


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