BFT Folding Telescopic Landing Nets



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BFT Folding Telescopic Landing Nets - With Rubber Mesh Net & Extending Handle

If you have watched any of the Pike fishing programs on YouTube lately, you will notice most of the teams are using this net... there are many very good reasons for that!

The BFT Folding Net is the perfect catch & release landing net. Heavy duty rubber netting with fish friendly knot-free design. Flat bottom that keeps fish unharmed. Frames from Medium to Extra Large and a good depth of net for those real monster fish! Tele/Extending handle and frame made of aluminum. Fully collapsible for easy storage. The solid shaft extends to 2 m's and can be done and the net unfolded ind clipped in place very quickly with one hand using the unique tapered securing single button that does not need to be pressed down for the net to click into place like similar folding nets.

Available in 3 sizes (contrary to the video as the XL is a new model)

Net Sizes:

  • Vertical -70L x 60W x 55cm Deep
  • Monster - 80L x 75W x 85cm cm
  • XL Monster - 90L x 80W x 85cm Deep 

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