BFT Lizzard X "Pierre Monjarret" Signature Edition Baitcasting Rod

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 BFT Lizzard X "Pierre Monjarret" Signature Edition Baitcasting Rod - 8'6'' XH -200g, 2 pcs

The BFT Lizzard X rods are designed by Stefan Trumstedt and Pierre Monjarett - two well-known anglers who are really passionate about spin fishing for pike. These rods are loaded with power to be able to throw large baits and drill strong pike with maximum control. Whether you are fishing in shallow lakes with jerkbaits, rubber shads, hard lures and spinnerbaits, or with heavily weighted rubber lures, BFT Lizzard X will do the job!

The blanks are light with a very nice X-wrap carbon look. Add to that the unique Japanese shrink rubber handles that will make your fishing a more comfortable experience.

"The Lizzard X series is a high-end series of rods designed by hardcore anglers for the diehard angler."

  • Length: 8'6" / 259cm
  • Weight: 300gr
  • Casting Weight: -200gr
  • 2 pcs
  • Material: High Modulus Carbon/X-wrap
  • Handles: Japanese shrink rubber grips

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