BFT Fastach Tungsten Jika Sinker

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BFT Fastach Tungsten "Jika" Sinker

What our customers are saying:

"I love these weights. They are great for adding extra weight to your given situation. I tend to use them in two particular situations; adding weight to a miuras nouse when wanting to fish it deeper and also to the top swivel of a trace when trolling light cranks. Awesome bits of kit".

John B on Feb 02, 2021

The BFT Tungsten Fastach "Jika" Sinker is the perfect accessory to add some weight to your soft and hard plastic lures. A great accompaniment to the very well known shallow rig when used with the Pig Shad JR in 15 and 20cm and similar lures. Just attach and remove it quick easily with the unique fastach spiral attachment. 

Also use it as a "Jika Rig" on single offset hook as a variation to the Texas or Carolina Rig or Chebrushka, offering you flexibility in weight with the quick change option and a great freedom of movement for deep or shallow weedless fishing. Have a look at the pre made Jika Rig.

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