Berkley Sick Braid Dual Spools Low Vis Moss Green Braid Clear Fluoro - 150 & 50m

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Berkley Sick Braid Low Vis Moss Green Braid Clear Fluoro  - 150m X8 Braid & 50m Fluorocarbon Leader

New Berkley Sick 2 spools in 1 box is the perfect combination for your type of fishing preselected by Berkley experts. The strong and supple main line combined with the abrasion resistant and almost invisible leader is the best set up you can think of. When you go fishing with finesse techniques like dropshot or casting jigs for predators, you don’t need to worry the lines will let you down. Eliminate the doubt of wondering if your selected leader is right for your mainline, Berkley have done that for you... ALL for under £30


  • Precisely selected combination of Braided mainline with Fluorocarbon leader by our experts
  • Clever 2 in 1 spool design
  • Special preselected for most used fishing techniques: T&C Rig, Dropshot, jigging or finesse street fishing
  • Berkley Sick Braid is Smooth and Strong
  • Berkley Sick Fluorocarbon is almost invisible under water and very abrasion resistant

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