Berkley PowerBait Pike Perch Zander & Sea Bass Pro Mixed Packs



Berkley PowerBait Pike, Perch & Zander Pro Mixed Packs
A great selection of the finest lures and necessary hooks, weights, stinger rigs and jig heads to enable even the most inexperienced anglers to go out with confidence in what they are tying on the end of their line and catch fish! Clear explanations on the packaging predator fishing specialists instruction on how to use the products effectively. All lures are scented with the famous PowerBait scent from Berkley, with a selection of finesse jig fishing and drop shot lures, largely aimed at perch fishing, but also effective for many other species including pike, zander, trout, bass... you name it, there is something in these handy little ready to go packs for every angler, beginner or experienced.
Drop Shot Pro Pack 2 Contents: 2 x Sneak Minnow 7.5cm, 2 x Sneak Minnow 11.5cm, 2 x Sneak Shad 7.5cm. 3 x Fusion Drop Shot Hook (2 x #2, 1x #4), 3 x Drop Shot weights (5, 7 & 10gr) 
Drop Shot Pro Pack 1 Contents: 
Pro Perch Pack Contents: 2 x Power Swimmer 7.0 cm, 1 x Power Swimmer 8.0cm, 2 x Pulse Shad 6.0cm, 1 x Pulse Shad 8.0cm, 3 x Flex Round Head (3, 5, 7gr)=
Pro Pack Minnow Clear Water Contents: 2 x Sneak Shad 7.5cm, 2 x Hollow Belly 10cm, 2 x Sneak Minnow 7.5cm, 3 Flex Round Heads (5, 7 & 10gr
Minnow Pack contents: 6 soft baits and 2 jig heads
Sea Bass Pack Contents: Assorted sizes and colours of Ripple shads in 11 & 13cm, with 15 & 20gr jigheads equipped with high quality hook....Seabass will love them!!
Pro Pack Vertical Contents: 2 x Sick Vamper 14cm. 2 x Sick Vibe 12cm, 2 x Verti Jighead (17, 21gr)
  • PowerBait scented
  • Different sizes and weights to adjust to changing conditions and water types
  • Natural and bright colours to adapt to fickle perch
  • Perfect for urban environments, small canals, lakes and rivers.



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