Berkley Gulp Maxi Blood Worms Blood Red



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Berkley Gulp Alive Maxi Blood Worms Blood Red, 25g - Qty Approx 40. 45mm x 2mm

Here we are! At last the successful bloodworm shape comes with the Gulp! Alive formula. There are very few species of fish out there that do not eat bloodworms. These worms are made from 100% biodegradable material and are as close to the real thing as you are ever likely to get. 
Presented in a 9fl oz jar full of the legendary Berkley Gulp Alive juice that is absorbed into the natural material of these little lures. Each jar contains roughly 40 juicy little worms. Rig them wacky on a hook smaller than a #8 for best results, either Drop Shot, or a Split Ring Rig, put on a "bunch" of worms for extra attraction, particularly for those big perch that are a little finicky and not hitting traditional lures.
Keep them in the juice jar to prevent them drying out. If they do dry out, just throw them back and watch them grow back to the original size.


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