Bauer Fly Dressing Power Rattles

Colour: Black
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Bauer Fly Dressing Power Rattles - Qty 5

Rattles for your flies will emit a sound when you fish them to attract more chipper. In addition to durability, it is a great contrast to our usual Rattles Bauer Power Rattles also have metal in one side to rattle a little extra.

L: 20mm x Dia: 5mm

Niklaus Bauer on Power Rattles:

"Power rattles are designed to withstand gäddtänder, stones and div. Stainless steel railings that fly frequently tend to meet in the boat when the wind blows a little.

These rattles are not unbreakable, but significantly stronger than anything else I've tested so far, facilitate binding and have a bigger louder than rattles the glass. "

A must on your Bauer pike rigs.  

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