Axia Mighty Minnow 20 Piece Kit

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Axia Mighty Minnow Kit -  Qty 16 x Lures 4 x Jig Heads

 A soft plastic lure from Axia designed primarily for bass fishing but has taken pollack, wrasse, pike and perch in testing. Constructed of a tough, soft plastic that is durable while better imitating the swimming actions of small prey fish. The design promotes a pronounced rolling action, and the deliberately small paddle tail produces a rapid flutter that predatory fish find irresistible. Each jig head features an ultra-sharp, strong fixed hook for solid hook ups. The design of the jig has a unique curved jaw, which helps the jig head to bounce off rocks, protecting the hook and reducing snagging. Add a little Tronix Pro Rig Glue to the head to secure on the jig head for perfect rigging and to prolong the life of your lure. 

7 & 8cm Contents:

  • 4 x Green Shiner
  • 4 x Pearl White
  • 4 x Khaki
  • 4 x Blue Glitter
  • 7cm - 4 x 5g Colour Matched Jig Heads
  • 8cm - 4 x 8g Colour Matched Jig Heads

9.5 & 12cm Contents:

  • 4 x Blue Glitter
  • 4 x White Chartreuse
  • 4 x Khaki
  • 4 x Cola Glitter
  • 9.5cm - 4 x 14g Colour Matched Jig Heads
  • 12cm - 4 x 28g Colour Matched Jig Heads

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