AXIA (HTO) Vulcan 12cm - Surface Lure

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AXIA (HTO) Vulcan - Surface Lure, 120mm, 20g - Qty 1

A long casting, accurate surface lure that allows you to cover a large body of water and situations easily. The streamlined shape helps the lure fly straight, which increases casting distance and accuracy. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cast next to a structure, a particular rock or an area you’ve seen fish show, this will get you there every time. The angled face and central keel on the belly help to give this lure a rolling action and make it an ideal lure for fishing with walking the dog styles. An effective bass lure from boat or shore, especially when baitfish are being pushed to the surface and when fishing in shallow water, around rocks and weed when accuracy is paramount.

Can't wait to try the  differently designed AXIA Climax, check them out. Take a look at the Larger Size of 9cm

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