Abu Garcia Svartzonker Mc Mio Tail Slow Sink 24cm

Abu Garcia


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Abu Garcia Svartzonker Mc Mio Tail Slow Sink, Body 9cm Total 24cm, 54g 

The Abu Svartzonker McMio Tail is irresistible to predators such as pike and musky, with its smooth rolling action. The McMio has become many tournament fishermen's favourite lure. This is because it's easy to fish, casts far and catches a lot of fish. The solid body length is 9cm, with the tail stretched out, it is has a total length of 24cm. Due to it's light weight for the size, the Mc Mio does not require any specialist equipment, you can use your regular spinning gear. Mc Mio Tail works well with both soft and stiff leader. It's slow sinking and fishes at depths between 0,5 - 2m depending on how fast it's retrieved. McMio Tail has Svartzonker's unique rigging system for perfect hook set and you do not need to change jig tail as often. It is slow sinking and fish at depths between 0,5 -2 m. You can quickly and simply add a Jika Weight to the lure to fish it deeper!


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