Abu Garcia Svartzonker Shallow Stinger Rigs




Abu Garcia Svartzonker Shallow Stinger Rigs - Qty 2

These super sharp, handy, ready made stinger rigs from Abu Svartzonker are superbly made from nylon coated wire trace. Comes complete with Shallow Screw for easy connection to your favourite soft plastic lure. The ideal stinger for the likes of Svartzonker McRubber and the Abu Svartzonker McPike Blister packed with two stingers and one shallow screw in each package. Swap the Shallow Screw for a standard Jig Head with a bottom eyelet such as the Westin Roundup HDor a Screwin Head for added weight, or simply and quickly add a bit of weight using a Fastach Jika Sinker to get down a little deeper. 

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