Abu Garcia Svartzonker Real Series McPike - 21cm

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Abu Garcia Svartzonker Real Series McPike - 21cm, 70g - Qty 2 

These superb, premium quality lures from Abu Svartzonker are unique design, specifically for targeting big predators like Pike and Musky!

Check their incredible action here:

Like the original Svartzonker Mcrubber, this paddle soft plastic lure is very easy to fish, it has a wide profile and you can fish it in shallow, mid and deep water. It has a bigger tail than the Mcrubber and a more traditional round shape. However, the biggest difference is in the "Wrist" design, with bug grooves out of the lure, giving the tail extra flexibility and movement, whilst reducing the weight of the 21cm equivalent by 15g. The big thumping tail and realistic design are sure to drive those big predators crazy!


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