Abu Garcia Beast Curl Tail 17cm

Abu Garcia



Abu Garcia Beast Curl Tail 17cm, 54g - Qty 2

This is a lure you would have seen getting some great pike on Pike Fight for Team Abu Garcia! If you're looking to target cold water lethargic pike, look no further than the Abu Garcia Beast Curl Tail. This soft plastic sports an oversized tail and a unique ridge that runs along the back of the lure that provides an unrivalled body roll that will entice any specimen sized pike.

The wide profiled tail moves a lot of water at the slowest of retrieval speeds and the fins located on the belly of the lure provides stability and eliminates the lure from spinning out when retrieved at speed.

Ideal for fishing with a weighted screw in head for targeting deep water - during testing, the lure was hit during the drop in deeper water. Alternatively the lure can be fished shallow by incorporating a shallow screw into the nose of the bait.

The lure is decorated in super vibrant colours and patterns for added attraction!

The Abu Garcia Beast Curl Tail is available in 17cm and 21cm sizes. There are two lures supplied per pack.

  • Pro designed shapes
  • Hand painted and sealed
  • Phthalate free material for fish well being
  • Designed and developed in Sweden
  • Unique swimming action
  • Irresistible proven colours with a modern twist

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