6th Sense Ned Fry - 4.6"

6th Sense

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6th Sense Ned Fry - 11.5cm

The Ned Fry from 6th Sense is a versatile finesse bait, perfect for highly pressured fish. The Ned Fry Worm is one that you never want to leave home without. Made from a durable floating plastic, the 6th Sense Ned Fry Worm maintains an upright position when on the bottom, which is perfect for Ned Rigs and Neko rigs to tempt wary, lure shy predatory fish into biting. The Ned Fry incorporates a flat bottom that produces a gliding action on the fall and a fully ribbed body to create subtle vibrations. Try rigging it "Chicken Rig" style to drift away from you on the drop, getting under those jetties, trees and any other cover conventional rigs and lures won't manage.

The combination of one of the old school straight worm lures, the French Fry and the new style Ned Rig, this lure encompasses everything fish love about straight wormy type soft plastic lures!

Not only is the 6th Sense Ned Fry Worm very effective on Ned rigs and neko rigs, but it is also absolutely deadly on shaky heads, Carolina-rigs, and Texas-rigs for those times when you need a downsized finesse style presentation to trigger bites. Poured in a selection of custom colours, the 6th Sense Ned Fry Worm is a must-have for tough days on the water. 


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