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Bullet Weights for Texas & Carolina rigs

The Bullet Weight is an important component of the Texas and Carolina rig. When fishing the Texas and Carolina rig, the weight is not only used for getting the lure to the bottom of the lake bed, it also acts as a transmitter to establish the composition i.e. weed, silt or rock and the contour of the area you are fishing. 

If you're after a mix of weights, take a look at our Assorted packs

    Contains Lead

    1/16oz (1.75g) Qty 15

    1/8oz (3.5g) Qty 12

    3/16oz (5.25g) Qty 10

    5/16oz (8.75g) Qty 9

    3/8oz (10.5g) Qty 8

    3/4 oz (21g) Qty 3

    1oz (28g) Qty 2


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